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DS7 is for Dhamma School Grade 7. Enroll with the course and follow along. These courses are all free. Time spent on creating and maitaining of these lessons comes to you as an alms giving of dhamma. සබ්බ දානං ධම්ම දානං ජිනාති.

Create a user name and password for yourself and enroll at below link.

If you need assistance please contact admin of namaroopa.com using email (admin@namaroopa.com) or contact class teacher of Grade 7 Dhamma School. Enrollment closes on 24th Oct 2017.

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Estimated Time: 8 Months

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user user Nuwan

Dhamma School Students Course Access Plan

access until 7/31/19

Please enroll with the course to continue. If you are facing any problems trying to login, please contact the admin using phone number 778-834-5353 (text msg or leave a voice mail) or using info@namaroopa.com for immediate help.

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