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This sections is specially for students of the Sunday Dhamma School.

This is a collection of various Dhamma Articles that you might find interesting to read and explore.


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Decoding Buddhism

21 Things You Must Know About Buddhism

21 Things You Must Know

There are many thing you can learn by following this article. With lots of pictures from different countries and various traditions that follow Buddhism.

Key Dhamma Concepts

You are going to read about the ingredients

Few Basic Terms and Definitions

Fall along with this article for definitions and basic understanding of key terms in Buddhism. Some including Nibbana, What is San? and some key terms like Thanha.


Learn about one of the most important skill

Important Life Lesson

Tangpa Father

There was once a woman who gave birth to a baby girl. The woman had already lost one baby and was frightened that her baby girl would also die. The woman told her mother how worried she was and her mother told her that children given Geshe Langri Tangpa to be looked after would not die.

Later, when the little girl fell ill, the woman took her to see Geshe Langri Tangpa, but when she arrived she found him sitting on a throne giving a teaching to a thousand disciples. The woman began to worry that her child would die before the end of the teaching. She knew that Geshe Langri Tangpa was a Bodhisatta and would show patience, and so she walked up to the throne and in a loud, rude voice she said; ‘Here, take your baby. Now you look after her!’ She turned to the audience and said; ‘This is the father of my child’, and then turned back to Geshe Langri Tangpa and pleaded softly; ‘Please don’t let her die.’
Geshe Langri Tangpa just nodded his head. As if he really were the father of the child, he wrapped it tenderly in his robes and continued his teaching.
His disciples were very suprised and asked him; ‘Are you really the father of that child?’ Knowing that if he were to say no, the woman would have been thought crazy and the people would have laughed at her, Geshe Langri Tangpa said that he was.
Although he was a monk, Geshe Langri Tangpa acted like a real father for the child, delighting in her and caring for her.

After some time the mother returned to see if her daughter was well. When she saw how healthy the child was she asked Geshe Langri Tangpa if she could have her back again. The Geshe then kindly returned the girl to her mother.

When his disciples understood what had happened they said; ‘So you are not really the father after all!’ and Geshe Langri Tangpa simply said; ‘No, I am not.’ “


Magic of Patience

The Bodhisattva came back as a buffalo in one of his rebirths and lived with a mischievous monkey in the forest. The monkey used to trouble the buffalo every day by either pulling the buffalo’s tail, throwing nuts on the buffalo’s head or jumping from the treetop on to the buffalo’s back. Though disturbed by the monkey’s pranks, the buffalo bore everything patiently without complaining. The other animals of the forest saw this and wondered why the buffalo tolerated all the mischief without losing his patience or scolding the monkey.

Unable to hold back his curiosity, the elephant one day asked the buffalo why he never punished the truant monkey. At this the buffalo smiled and said that he was thankful to the monkey for teaching him how to be patient. The monkey who was sitting on the tree heard this and was ashamed of himself. He came down at once to seek the buffalo’s forgiveness and thereafter they became good friends.

Read more at http://www.kidsgen.com/stories/stories-from-buddha/8-14-tales.htm




Other Stories

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Shanthivada Jataka
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Alavaka Yakka
Punna Thera going to Sunaparanta

Dhamma Map

We have studied this map at class room.

The Buddha’s Teaching (the first image is the one we discussed in the class).

Dukka? Suffering?

Find out how did Buddha understood

Relates to Dhammachaccapavattana Sutta, until Buddha reveal Dhamma to world the Dhamma was un-aware of. So how did Buddha understood it by himself? Good Question. So here is the answer. Its in Sinhala. So get some help from parents for interpretation.

Sangha / සංඝ

Four groups in disciples of Buddha…

Read the following document for this section. Bring a printout along with you.

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Weekly Quiz

2019/2020 school year

You will find Weekly Quiz Questions in the following google doc.

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