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Karmic Energy

Its not only the Buddha talks about Karmic Energy. Buddha talks about Karmic Energy as a result. Not as a cause. So it should have a no effect. Yet, it is has a huge impact in Samsara- the journey that never ends. So why this contradiction? Lets figure out.

How does Karmic Energy Links to Life in Sansara?

Well, if Karmic energy has no effect then there is no problem.

Yet, many say that there is. You feel it too. For example, if you do something bad, you would expect bad in return. Same for good. So what goes around comes around – as we all say it simply. So what did Buddha say about this?

Buddha said, if you crave, or hate then you create Karmic energy. The energy you generate place in a zone which gets activated and the stored force is retrieved when combination is right to give results. The zones are the areas where you can be re-born.

Namely – Kama Bava (areas with lustful nature is existing, for example Human worlds, Havens where gods exist, hell), Roopa Bava (Where Form exits but lust is minimized – some gods and Brahmans) and Aroopa Bava (Where Form does not exits, but lust is minimized or hidden – some Brahmans). See 31 planes of existence if you want to read more on every possible zone – that is another topic altogether. When you are born, every moment that is spent is a possible moment for an activation of Karmic Energy. Activation happens when you lustfully attach or hatefully attach on to something or some concept.

However its not just why Buddha talked about Karma, as many others did.

By saying all above Buddha wanted to mention the most important part of this entire formula. The craving (a super form of hateredness) is the key to break this loop. Once you completely eliminate the craving you don’t have a nature or tenancy to create Karma since the necessary conditions are never met. When new Karma is not formed your extension to a new birth stops. This is the place to break it. This happens when delusion is eliminated. When one is fully enlightened.

Read following posts. Gain the courage to end this journey by understanding the danger of it. The more you capable of seeing the danger, faster you will look for a solutions.

So look for DANGER.

Real Story of a Women Who Travelled Her Past Lives

Many have asked about this book and many have read the story already– and realized the danger of the Karmic Circle. Author of this book is a wealth of knowledge and experience. As with many others, this book is another experience and a conversation he had with a devotee having super natural powers of seeing many life-s back in the sansaric journey to find reasons for failures in her present life. Her findings were shared in a letter she wrote back to the Author, Bikku Katukurunde Gnananda.

This is coming from https://seeingthroughthenet.net website. There are lot more books and audio, specially ideal for English speakers. Translation of this book also available at here.

Find some time to read and learn Dhamma at https://seeingthroughthenet.net

Explore Further

Following Dhamma Sermons give more in depth details on Karmic Energy and its effects over the Sansara. Most of these talks are in Sinhala – if you find its hard to understand find some help from a friend who knows the language and can interpret this to you. It will save both you and your friend.

කර්ම විපාක දෙන හැටි

This is a perfect example of how the Karmic energy causing present and future trouble due to craving. Find your time to listen to these talks.