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3rd Year remembrance

ඇස් ඇත්තෝ දකිත්වා! කන් ඇත්තෝ අසත්වා! නුවණ ඇත්තෝ අවබෝධකර ගනිත්වා!

Appreciate his valuable service

වහරක අභයරතනාලංකාර හිමිපාන් දැයෙන් සමුගෙන දෙවන වසර සපිරෙන මේ පෙබරවාරියේ උන්වහන්සේගේ මහා ගුණස්කන්ධය සිහිකරමින්, උන්වහන්සේව කිසිදා නොදුටු මා දක්වන කෘත උපහාරයයි මේ… මා සමඟ ඔබත් එක් වන්න.

unveiled Truth – Topics

Path To Nibbana (A to Z)
Nothing Can Kept to My Wish
In the depth of Mind
Decoding Complex Topics of Dhamma
Patibana or the Removal of Defilement

Our Only Resque / Refuge


We Have


There was such a time… You were not allowed to ask questions. Even if you did, there was no one to give a satisfying answer. An answer that can cut off defilement from lust, hatred, and delusion. Dhamma was all mixed up and results were scares to come. It all changed.

Join Us to commemorate.

ගුණ අනුස්මරණය

අනුබුදු දෙසුව දම කනවැකි පසක වුණි
යටිකුරු පැවති දිවි උඩුකුරු විය එසැණි
එහිසිට ලබන සුව සමවන සුව නොදනි
එම සුව ලබන අතරම සිවපය ගෙවුණි

Listen to Dhamma

There are 105 CDs of Dhamma Talks published under Waharaka Sadhaham Atuwava Web Site. We are closely following these Dhamma CDs and a complete library is now uploaded to YouTube.

2019 Updated

This is a play list containing latest published videos from Waharaka Temple.

Other Channels

Follow Here… for all the other interesting, hand picked YouTube Channels for Dhamma Explores.

Few channels listed here are:

  • Nirapekshathwaye Maga
  • Ven. Dhammadhinna Mehenin
  • Waharaka
  • Nisala Arana
  • Buddhanusasana

YouTube Channel

Visit the YouTube channel to listen 105 CDs of Dhamma Surmons preached by Waharaka Abayarathanalankara Thero. All Dhamma Talks are delivered in Sinhala Language. If you are an Enlgish speaker, try Nirapekshatwaye Maga or Dharmayai Obai YouTube Channels.

Why Happiness is far away?

Want to save 55 billion dollars per year? Yes that is how much Americans spent for depression and related medicine per one year according Dr. Lara Honos-Webb.

Buddhism shows a path for “Total Happiness” – Not just only a relief for many psychological illnesses, including depression, that doctors do not have a proper answer today – even with modern medicine.


Road Map To Nibbana


20 mins each session


Learn the Liberation

Deep Core

The Nuts and Bolts


Buddhists Answer


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