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Have you ever heard of Dathu Manasikara Meditation? or a technique of meditation based on base elements like nature of sticky, gooey, flowing elements such as Water (Apoo), then natures like heat/cold (thejo), then natures like floating/easy/airy/gassy (Vayo) and then natures like hard/rock solid/rigid (Patavi)?

Dathu Manasikara Meditation – Technique of meditation based on base elements found in nature

In this post you will find a collection of dhamma talks, instructions and techniques to improve your meditation based on Concentrating Elements. This is a very powerful and advanced technique in meditating. Hidden like a gem and scrambled and tangled like a ball of yarn until recently these techniques were untangled and made use of toward ultimate liberation in Nibbana.

Dhathu Manasikara Meditation