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මජ්ඣිම නිකාය – උපරි පණ්ණාසය – 3. සුඤ්ඤත වර්ගය 130. දේවදූත සූත්‍රය.

In this sutta buddha reveals about 5 saints a lay person would have see in his day to day life though never act upon seeing them (being delayed in life), so that person now born in hell, king Yama (the supreme controller for 8 major Hells) ask about those 5 sights with the intention of re-leaving from falling in to great suffering by reminding him any good thing the person has done in previous lives. This is the last attempt to escape from hell for that lay person.

Buddhas disclosure goes on revealing various and numerous sufferings the person would go if he could not escape this danger.

See below for details and various dhamma discussions related around this valuable, eye opening sutta.

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