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Dhamma is around us always. Some takes you to suffering of hell while some takes you to pleasures unimaginable. Buddha-Dhamma appears to world only at times a Buddha born to the world and preach Dhamma to end the suffering by opening doors to Nibbana.

After Buddha, it was Maha-Sangha (Buddhist Monks) who brought down the message of Buddha-Dhamma for many generations to follow. This journey was never been a smooth one. At times Buddha-Dhamma almost vanished from world. However, at certain times it reappears when the correct meanings and interpretations were found to the world. The following timeline is an indication of a long journey that a typical Buddhist may take.

It is not to under estimate efforts of any of these venerable Monks, or to criticize or to cross compare their work.

If a metal took a shape of a useful tool; that did not happen by the last shot of the hammer. Every other shot took it closer to the right shape that it should reach. It is the skillfulness of the tool-smith who would reshape the metal if a shot or two went wrong. Likewise, we all must become skillful tool-smiths. If something does not seems to fit with Dhamma, that is like a hammer shot went side-ways. If one let that continue to happen, do you think he would create a proper tool? Can someone like that be called as a skillful tool-smith?

Then, remember this is a journey where things went sideways for many times. We all have spent many life times in hell as well as havens. However, you have fixed it the right way – that is why you read this today. That’s why you have at least a tiny bit of interest in “how this world is?”, “how can I stop this suffering happening?” or “what is the correct approach to end this pity full journey?”

Every correction you make, make it a correction towards building a useful tool from a raw metal.

A step towards Nibbana.