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The next version of Namaroopa.com is almost at the end of its construction phase. Over the years, this will be the 4th version of the website that brings Dhamma closer to your fingertips. When ready Namaroopa.com will carry a number of new features and design improvements.



A brand new home page is on the design table at this time. This will open doors faster and easier reading and listening of Dhamma.


Alternate Downloads

Due to the volatile nature of internet and cloud hosting providers’ policy changes it become more and more challenging to keep a healthy collection of pointers to good Dhamma topics. This section will contain most up-to-date pointers to various websites and cloud drives sharing Buddha-Dhamma around the globe.



A new feature added to keep track of Awakening of Buddha-Dhamma. There are many fronts contributing to the development and expansion of Buddha-Dhamma. It happens by finding the true meaning. By getting results. When some fronts push forward – towards Nibbana, some go backwards – expecting a birth (Jathi) in a better realm. In this current situation, it’s EXTREAMELY easy for someone to absorb an incorrect vision and loose the correct sight of the path – eventually leading to a dead end.

Problem we have in hand is the “Fast Expiring of this Moment”. You might lose ages of your valuable life seeking a misleading path. When you realize where you went wrong, it might be too late for you to make corrections as your body is now too old to adjust. This is a chaotic situation – though it is the truth.
In this light the attempt of Timeline is to cross examine various Dhamma Talks to its contents and value towards Nibbana over a scale of time – so the seeker gets a clear understanding where things were and where these teachings and interpretations are heading. The one who willing, can me an informed decision.



You will find many historical as well as newer publications in this section. Most of these are handpicked. You can expect to see Dhamma Books, Notes and various writings. Don’t expect to see them all carrying the complete truth when it comes to purified meaning of Tripitaka though. Many authors of these books are Dhamma Explorers. Only an Arahant can be expected to be 100 percent accuracy. However, these books can shape your journey to Arahant hood at least a little.



We consume a lot of Dhamma in our daily life. Sometimes the contents are quite space taking to kept online. In situations like that valuable space is released to newer content while some sections being moved to Archives where content stay offline.


Dhamma School

Since last August, a full year until July 2018 is completely devoted to Buddha-Dhamma teaching, development of Dhamma-School curriculum and preparation of notes geared for Grade 7 class of Canadian students.

This is a huge undertaking and finally coming to an end by this summer. Many articles and materials were generated for the purpose of Dhamma-Teaching and students consumption. Now it is the time to spread the good results of these around the world. With the version 4 of Namaroopa you will see a separate section devoted for kids’ education as Dhamma School.


YouTube Channel

Namaroopa has undertaken the task of digitizing the most precious Dhamma talks found today. With version 3, these 5000+ Dhamma clips/Tracks were released and replicated for easier downloading. Now with version 4, these Dhamma talks are uploaded to a YouTube channel – providing easier access for Dhamma for anyone living around the world.



A section in tribute to a hearo who opened the door for buried, vailed, misinterpreted, misrepresented meanings of Buddha-Dhamma and opened the door for many people around the world to understand what Buddha meant and how to reach Nibbana in modern real life. He is the one who opened the closed Dhamma-Topics and moved Buddha-Dhamma from being any other religion to the state and glory it had during the times of Maha Arahants. We have yet to see how seeds he sow grows up. This section is in tribute to that great Teacher of Buddha-Dhamma.


Changes for QnA

Namaroopa will remove the voice based QnA section. Not many questions were generated to keep this section live any more.


Changes for Meditation

Namaroopa new version will have many improvements to Meditation page. All links will be updated and new pointers will be added to Karmastana Meditation sessions.



Technical changes

  • Moving from GCP
    • Namaroopa V3 was hosted in Google Cloud Platform. GCP is a fast and scalable platform for many tasks from Web Hosting to applications or Big Data. GCP provides Bitnami based containers where you can host your apps on their App Engine instances.
    • However GCP has CPU based timing and costing mechanism which does not seem to fit with Namaroopa model at this time.
  • New Host
    • Namaroopa V4 will be hosted with a private hosting provider.
    • With this change entire WordPress base will be migrated from GCP to this new host.
    • There are many technical challenges coming up with this, due to character encoding of Sinhala text.
  • SSL Security
    • New search engine algorithms are developed in favor to secure websites.
    • Another important feature on upcoming version is that complete SSL security. Version 4 will be served with completed SSL certification and end to end encryption.
  • Rolling rlease
    • With all these happening stay tuned to the upcoming version of Namaroopa in beginning of April 2018. Version 4 will be on a rolling release that will be completed on several sprints by end of June 2018.
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