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This is a collection of Dhamma Talks by Waharaka Abayarathanalankara Thero published to YouTube over the years. This collection covers Dhamma videos upto 2017 August 21st.

All these Videos and other videos are found at YouTube Channel of Waharaka (Click here to open).

Please download at your ease and listen to these valuable dhamma talks.

These are the dhamma talks recorded at later stages of the Waharaka thero. Most of the early dhamma talks can be found as Audio CDs.

All files are stored in a paid Amazon-Drive account backed by the power of Amazon to provide safety and security through its world wide data centers.

If there is any problem in downloading please inform the admin by admin@namaroopa.com or text +1778-834-5353 or contact through the Viber group mentioned below (see footer area – purple color icon) or through comments sections below.

If you feel this violates any copyrights please inform the admin by admin@namaroopa.com or text +1778-834-5353. Spreading and providing easy access of dhamma is the only objective in this effort.

සබ්බ දානං ධම්ම දානං ජිනාති.

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