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Contains a large collections of links where you can download or listen to various dhamma talks, books, magazines, videos and document covering many different topics.

You will find talks from venerable monks such as Ven. Pitigala Gunarathana Thero, Ven. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero, Ven. Dankande Dhammaratana Thero, Ven. Katukurunde Nyanananda Thero, Ven. Rerukane Chandavimala Thero, Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Thero, Ven. U. Dhammajeewa Thero, Kiribathgoda Gnananda Thero and Ven. Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero.

You will also find links to teachings from Kithsiri Samarasinghe Guruthuma and Ajantha Sampath Guruthuma.

This is a long list. Look for some reviews and previews of selected sites under “Dhamma Links” in the menu.

Contact information for Ven. Pitigala Gunarathana Thero and collection of dhamma talks:

Pictures and blog posts about Labunoruwa Kanda Aranya.



These Links were copied from this (https://abhidharmaya.wordpress.com) website.



Links to Other Dhamma Sites: 

Ven. Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero: 

Ven Thiththagalle Anandasiri Thero YouTube Channel

MP3 files (Audio) of Melbourne, Brisbane and Pattana Deshana

*  Ven. Mankadawala Sudassana Thero: Sudassana.org

*  Ven. Pitigala Gunarathana Thero: Gunarathana.Org

*  Ven. Dankande Dhammaratana Thero: Talks and Books

*  Ven. Katukurunde Nyanananda Thero: Seeing through the net

*  Ven. Rerukane Chandavimala Thero : Books

*  Ven. Ududumbara Kashyapa Thero: Talks  and YouTube 

*  Kithsiri Samarasinghe Guruthuma: Path to Nibbana

*  Sites with Dhamma talks by various venerable monks

Click the following Links to go to other pages: 

— Click “About” to Read about the Class and the Teacher

— Click “Resources” for Links to Books, Charts and Notes

— Click “News” to see What’s New

— Click “Links” for Other Dhamma Websites

— Click “English” for Abhidhamma teachings in English

Links to Download mp3 files of Abhidhamma lessons:

*  1st Series of Lessons:  Box link1

*  2nd Series of Lessons: Box link2

*  Extension of the 1st Series (from lesson 51): Box link3 

*  All files:  link

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